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My Tips For Going On A Cheap Trip

How do I go on a trip so often and for a long time without spending too much money? It is true that I often go for long periods of time, which helps to better

How To Organize A Trip in 7 Easy Steps

Planning to go on a trip and need a helping hand to plan everything? And yes, organizing a trip is not always easy, especially if you’re not used to it. Fortunately, travel organization is my

How To Choose The Best Place On The Plane?

How To Choose The Best Place On The Plane? While for some, flying is only a formality, for others it is a difficult time to pass, either out of fear or for lack of comfort.

4 Useful Apps When Going Abroad

As we know, a journey is not improvised, unless you are an inveterate adventurer. Most often, it prepares weeks or even months in advance. To make the most of your holiday, we’ve put together a

Picture of Landscaping

How to get City Contracts for Landscaping?

Do you own a landscaping business and you are looking to get city contracts? Look no further. We have got you covered. Securing a contract in landscaping is a big deal as it means big


13th ANNUAL SANDCASTLE FESTIVAL August 4th Cobourg Beach 8:30am Registration 10:30 Competition – 12 hours of fun! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 8am Master Sculptors begin their work (Viewing all weekend) 8:30am Registration Opens Amateur Competition (under

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The 5 Most Common Travel Scams And How To Avoid Them

If you’ve already traveled a little, then you may have realized that some ill-intentioned people sometimes tended to want to rip off tourists.

It must be said that when you arrive in a country where you know nothing, you become an easy victim.

To avoid this kind of bad experience, I’ve made you a list of the 5 most frequent scams encountered on trips. I myself have been a victim of some of them, so I speak knowingly!

The Out-of-service Taxi Meter

It’s a well-known scam, especially around train stations and airports. You get into a taxi, the driver starts driving and then informs you that the meter is out of service. So, at the end of the race, you end up paying much more than the normal fare.

How to avoid this scam?

Never get on a taxi without agreeing on a price or checking with the driver that your meter was working. If you can’t do it, turn around and look elsewhere. Not all taxi drivers are scammers.

A Full Or Closed Hotel

Another scam that takes place in taxis. You give the address of a hotel you have spotted in your guide and, on the way, the driver tells you that the hotel is either full or closed. His goal: to take you to a more expensive hotel where he will receive a nice commission.

How to avoid this scam?

Call your hotel before you go and make sure it is open. You can even ask them if they offer a shuttle service so as not to take the taxi. If your driver continues to tell you that the hotel is not available and insists on driving you elsewhere, tell him that you have a reservation, even if it is not.

Free Bracelets Or Flowers

It’s a scam that mainly affects women. A man or woman approaches you with a smile, starts talking to you and grabs a free friendship bracelet on your wrist or hands you a bouquet of flowers to bring you luck. Once you have the item in hand, it then asks you to pay. And when you refuse, it starts to get angry.

How to avoid this scam?

Do not allow anyone to give you or hang on to something and always be suspicious when someone wants to offer you something for free (unless there is a good reason, of course). This scam occurs mainly in tourist areas. Ignore people who approach with something in their hands and keep going.

Spill Something On Your Clothes

A scam very common in Europe. You walk down the street when suddenly something falls on your shoulder (usually sauce or bird droppings). A stranger then gently approaches and begins to wipe your shoulder while discreetly pulling your wallet.

How to avoid this scam?

The best thing in this situation is not to let anyone help you. Why don’t you go to a public toilet and clean your clothes?

Fake Police Officers

Another scam that is very present in the big cities. In general, you are approached by offering you illegal things such as drugs. While you refuse, one or two policemen approach you with their badges. They ask you to present your identity papers and wallet and steal from you. They’re not real cops.

How to avoid this scam?

Never hand over your passport or wallet to anyone. Ask them for their identification card and let them know that you are going to call the police to check that they are who they claim to be. You can also tell them that your passport has stayed in a safe at the hotel and that they can follow you if they want to. If they don’t like it, leave.

My Tips For Going On A Cheap Trip

How do I go on a trip so often and for a long time without spending too much money?

It is true that I often go for long periods of time, which helps to better depreciate the costs of transport and air tickets. But if not, here are some tips to find a cheap stay. Make good use of it!

Travelling Out Of Season

This is the number one rule to reduce the cost of going on a trip. Whether it’s for airfare, accommodation or all-inclusive stays, prices are always based on supply and demand. So if you still want to go in the summer, try to focus on June to mid-July or September. In general, October and November are the best months to get good rates.

Peeling Off Offers On The Internet

This is the part a little tedious, and that takes time: review all the travel offers on the internet. To save time, there is a site that does this for you: it is the Holiday Official. A team of experts reviews the offers on travel sites like Last Minute, Marmara, Cheap Leave, Holiday Deal… and thus selects the best deals and cheap stays for you.

Travelling To Affordable Countries

This is the easiest way to avoid ruining yourself and enjoy your trip. To find a cheap stay, avoid Scandinavia, Canada, Japan or South Africa, and choose Thailand, India, Greece or Bolivia. On Instinct Voyageur’s blog, you’ll find a list of the cheapest countries to travel to. Among the really affordable countries where I have recently travelled, I can advise you Russia, Albania or even Belarus.

Be Flexible On Travel Dates

Airfares are always cheaper in midweek than on weekends. To go on a cheap trip, it is therefore better to be flexible on the departure and return dates. Search engines like Skyscanner allow you to search for prices all month long and find the cheapest dates. Momondo is also well made to compare prices over selected periods. For week-long stays, offers from Sunday to Sunday or Wednesday to Wednesday are usually at better rates.

Plan Well In Advance Or At The Last Minute

These are the two niches where it is easiest to find a promotional trip: either long in advance or at the last minute. You have to look on the hotel booking platforms that sell cheap rooms that have not found a buyer at the last minute. Another way to save on accommodation is to use couchsurfing, a free accommodation site for the locals. But it’s a social network where it takes time to create a good profile and you have to want to spend time with your guests and thank them by cooking a meal or inviting them to have a drink.

Be Ready To Discover Original Destinations

To find a cheap stay, it is better to be open to the destination and prefer countries or cities that attract less crowds. For example, rather than major European cities or capitals such as London, Rome or Amsterdam, prefer less touristy but equally interesting cities to visit such as Manchester in England, Naples in Italy or Charleroi in Belgium.

Daring To Go To “At-risk” Countries

Far be it from me to recommend going to countries at war or very unstable like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. But the dramatic news of the last few months and years has kept travellers away from certain destinations such as Tunisia, Egypt or Turkey. I can understand the apprehension that limits the desire to go to these countries, but after all, statistically the risk remains low “to be in the wrong place at the wrong time”, and it can also very well happen in Paris, Nice or anywhere. In addition, continuing to travel despite terrorist threats helps to support the tourism sector of these countries or cities, which finds itself greatly penalized after these events.

I hope you’ve been helpful with this information. If you have other tips for finding a cheap stay to go on a trip, feel free to suggest it in comment.

How To Organize A Trip in 7 Easy Steps

Planning to go on a trip and need a helping hand to plan everything?

And yes, organizing a trip is not always easy, especially if you’re not used to it. Fortunately, travel organization is my specialty and I’m here to help!

In this guide, I will give you all the tips and tricks necessary to prepare your stay: how to create your detailed itinerary, book your flight, your accommodation, rent your car and much more!

So, ready to plan your trip from A to Z?

Step #1 Choosing Your Destination

The first step in organising a trip is to choose your destination.

And you figure it’s not necessarily that simple!

Firstly because the world is vast, secondly because you may not have the same expectations as the person or persons you are going to leave with, and especially because it is not possible to travel anywhere at any time of the year.

To prepare your trip and choose the country you want to go to, you must first ask yourself a few questions:

  • Want to go on holiday in the sun, enjoy the beaches?
  • Looking for more of a cultural destination with visits to museums, historic sites?
  • Would you rather stay in Europe or explore more distant destinations?
  • Looking for tourist spots or more off the beaten track?
  • How many hours on the plane are you ready to fly?

Step #2 Prepare Your Itinerary

Now that you know where to go, the second step to preparing for your trip is to look at your itinerary.

For those who just want to spend a week or two in the same hotel without moving, you can directly move on to the next step.

For others who wish to organize a road trip, you will first have to take into account the length of your stay. Obviously, you won’t be able to do the same thing in 7 or 15 days.

Step #3 Book Your Plane Ticket Or Train Ticket

Once you have the exact duration of your itinerary and your travel dates, you can move on to another important step in arranging a trip: booking your plane ticket.

For this, the most effective is to use a flight comparator. Personally, I much prefer Skyscanner to all other sites for its very practical and clear side.

Using a comparator is really the assurance of getting the best fare, since you will have all the flights available on your travel dates with all airlines.

Step #4 Take Out A Travel Insurance

When the dates of your stay are final, it is another step in the travel organization that awaits you: taking out travel insurance. Ensuring that you are well covered for travel illnesses and accidents is paramount!

You may have seen people on the internet or on TV who find themselves paying astronomical sums in case of hospitalization in a foreign country. Well, I can assure you that these people left without travel insurance.

And the worst part is that some people who can’t afford it find themselves forced to ask their families for help or set up participatory prize pools on the internet. And all this for wanting to save a few coins.

Because yes, travel insurance isn’t that expensive!

Step #5 Book Your Accommodation

Organizing your trip also requires going through the booking stage of your or your accommodations.

Here you have 2 schools: people in backpackers mode and improvisation who are looking for accommodation by being on site, and others (like me!), who prefer to book in advance.

Personally, I always prefer to book my hotels in advance in order to have the choice and to be able to compare the rates.

And most importantly, when I’m traveling, I don’t necessarily like wasting time scouring a city or place I don’t know to find a hotel available.

Honestly after a day to visit, walk or on the road, I appreciate knowing that my hotel room is waiting for me.

Moreover, even if you are a fan of looking on the spot, I recommend at least to always book the first and last night of your stay.

Arriving after long hours of flight, I can assure you that you will enjoy being able to rest directly and recover from jet lag.

And hey, we’re not going to fool ourselves: when traveling, it’s better to use your time to visit and discover new things than to look for hotel rooms.

Step #6 Rent A Car

If you are planning a road trip, you will also have to rent a car (unless you have planned to leave with yours of course!)

Here too, I clearly have a preference for one site: It’s simple, I only go through them to carry out all my car rentals. You’ll find cars for rent in almost the world.

All you have to do is enter your travel dates, the city of arrival and the time at which you want to pick up your car and the website compares the rates of all available rentals. 

International companies such as Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Sixt are present but also local renters.

Anything that is included in the fare such as unlimited mileage or not, the 2nd driver or not, whether the vehicle is to be returned with full fuel etc is clearly stated.

Step #7 Book Excursions And Activities

Once you have an idea of the most beautiful places to visit, you will also definitely want to take advantage of your trip to try some original or typical activities.

How To Choose The Best Place On The Plane?

How To Choose The Best Place On The Plane?

While for some, flying is only a formality, for others it is a difficult time to pass, either out of fear or for lack of comfort.

For example, I always avoid being in the middle aisle, having to disturb my neighbors every time I want to stretch my legs or go to the toilet.

But what is really the best place on the plane? And how to book it in advance without breaking the bank? I’ll explain all this in this article.

What Is The Best Place On The Plane?

Bad news: it’s a question I won’t be able to answer for you! In fact, it all depends on whether you are travelling alone, if you are tall, if you are travelling with a young child, if you are afraid… Every traveler is different and will find his happiness somewhere.

Do You Want To Travel Quietly?

I recommend a window side seat, where you won’t be constantly disturbed by your neighbors who want to go to the toilet. Personally, it’s a place I love because you can put a small pillow against the wall of the plane and sleep peacefully. On the other hand, the negative is that if you are travelling alone, you will have to disturb your neighbour each time to get up.

Some places are to be avoided in your case: those located near the toilet. The back-and-forth of the passengers can really become unbearable in the long run, and I’m not talking about the smells…

Want To Avoid The Noise Of The Plane?

Choose a seat as far ahead of the device as possible. In an airplane, it’s the engines that are noisy, and since they’re located rather backwards, you should be pretty quiet.

Travelling With A Baby Or Children?

For babies, airlines offer a cradle attached to the partitions. It’s very convenient but reserved for babies under 70 cm and 10 kilos, so up to about 6-9 months. And for parents, it’s really comfortable since these are the most spacious seats on the plane. If you have children a little older, I also recommend these places because they will have room to play at your feet.

Do You Want Room?

If you’re tall, the lack of comfort can really ruin your flight ride. The knees that rub, the back pain by bending… It can quickly become a nightmare. For you, the family places I was talking about just above are ideal. But they are often stormed by families. So in folding solution, I recommend a place on the corridor side, perfect to extend your legs when there is no passage. The seats next to the exits are also more spacious but unfortunately they often pay off.

Are You Afraid Of Flying?

If you are part of the aircraft phobic clan, you have two solutions: either you choose seats at the back of the aircraft where it has been proven that passengers are more likely to survive a crash, or you choose the front of the aircraft where you feel a little less turbulence. Honestly, there is no perfect solution for you other than trying to relax as much as possible (in this case, prefer the seats at the front because the turbulence can be anxiety-inducing).

Places To Avoid On The Plane

While these places are generally the most popular for travellers, some are to be avoided. I was talking a little higher about the seats near the toilets which can be particularly unpleasant on long haul, but the seats in the middle of the central row are not really nicer, first because you will be surrounded by strangers (unless you are travelling together), and secondly because they are the less spacious seats on the plane.

My Tips For Choosing The Best Seat On The Plane?

The first thing I recommend is to buy your plane ticket in advance (see my article on the best tips). If you are travelling low-cost, airlines will offer to choose your seat for an average of 15 to 30 euros. It’s up to you if you want to pay for it anymore.

If you are travelling via traditional airlines such as AirFrance, you will have the option to choose your seat in advance. Some, especially outings and family places, cannot be booked free of charge.

If you have not managed to book the seat of your choice when you purchase your ticket, you can always try your luck at the airport. At check-in or directly to the hostess, don’t be afraid to ask if there are other places available than the one assigned to you. You can even apply for an over-ranking, it’s already worked for me!

4 Useful Apps When Going Abroad

As we know, a journey is not improvised, unless you are an inveterate adventurer. Most often, it prepares weeks or even months in advance. To make the most of your holiday, we’ve put together a list of must-have apps that you must download before you take off.

An App To Learn The Local Language

Having a simple conversation, orienting yourself or empathizing with the locals can be difficult most of the time when you travel, so why not learn while having fun?

Among the range of applications currently available on the market, Babbel stands out, as it offers a very good value for money. Babbel is the app to learn a foreign language from your smartphone. It offers simple and effective lessons from a dozen languages to choose from.

Available on iOS, as well as on Android, this app allows for gradual learning, both verbally and in writing, provided you spend at least 15 minutes a day on it.

An App To Find Structures Around You

Have you ever found yourself in a new city or place without you knowing where to go to enjoy your day or just to fill your gas tank? Most of us have probably already experienced this unfortunate experience. With Aroundme, you can simply activate cellular data and search for services or shops as well as cultural centers within 10 km of your location. Simple and ergonomic, you can estimate the travel time and access the route by choosing the bike, car, or walking mode.

An App To Book Activities And Tickets

No more hassles about knowing what to do during your stay with Getyourguide! Simply enter the name of the city you are in and the app will find the best activities in the area in addition to making the reservation in your name. The application is simple and the content of each activity well detailed, with the ability to add an option if needed. Your ticket and supplier contacts are available on your mobile and you can access it at any time even offline. Free and very comprehensive, the app also displays customer reviews to give you an idea of the quality of each activity.

An App To Find Your Way Around

What could be more annoying than getting lost on a hike on an unmarked route, if the phone doesn’t pick up 4G, you risk spending a dirty quarter of an hour in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to, don’t get lost! Download the map of the desired location and create your route offline. No need for an internet date, it works thanks to the GPS of your smartphone. The app is free and offers in addition to the route of interests close to your location (hotels, gas stations, supermarkets, etc.).

Final Advice

Before embarking on your vacation, always make sure to have as much information as you can on places that you plan to visit. Do research on the internet, read travel blogs, and prepare the things that you need to bring.

As with anything, always have a contingency plan in case something happens along the way. Always be safe.

Picture of Landscaping

How to get City Contracts for Landscaping?

Do you own a landscaping business and you are looking to get city contracts? Look no further. We have got you covered. Securing a contract in landscaping is a big deal as it means big money for your business. Winning such contracts comes with too much work to lose at the end of the day.

Getting a city contract differs from state to state. For cities like Honolulu, landscaping city contracts can be obtained from the city’s commercial district. The procedure may be unique to the state. You can check out the requirements for getting a landscaping Honolulu gig.

Owning a landscaping business is an excellent way of making good money. One of the most accessible means of making big-time money is getting a city landscaping contract. Securing a landscape contract comes intending to win at the end of the day. That is making a profit for your landscaping business.

How to Get a City Landscaping Contract?

So, how do you get a city landscaping contract? Check out these steps.

Set-up a meeting with contract decision-makers

All you have to do is get your business out there, network your business to secure that city contract. You will have to approach people to do so. You can write out an email or letter to these places you want these contracts. You can also send to HOAs, Real Estate groups, or business owners.

Another way of getting your business in their face is by networking at local events, or you could set up a meeting with your BOMAs. You can also try your city’s commercial district, chamber of commerce meetings, or CEO’s forum.

You could try it out the old hard way. Drive within your city once you find a property that needs fixing and introduce yourself. It can be a great way to win contracts if you have good in-person sales skills.

Be Professional

People love to work with professional clients if you can handle a city contract. Most businesses work with the corporate world. Your looks matter a lot for you to be able to win some contracts.

You should be able to sell yourself and business as one that can handle such big contracts. When most landscape businesses submit bids, the goal is to differentiate themselves, focus on the bottom line, and offer better service.

Some questions to assist you in addressing your business professionalism; Do you have a professional website? Do you have trucks painted or wrapped with your business name? Can your equipment do the job required on time?

Present the value you bring to their property

Show them the essence of having a well-done landscape. It is most likely to ignite the right amount of interest within them. Ensure tour work with your clients, brainstorm together on the landscape designs.

Ask for their perception about landscaping, listen to all they have to say. It will determine how you move forward. Get to know their expectations and challenges. This knowledge will help you get to know them better.

Speak with them concerning the disadvantages of lousy landscaping, such as poor job, dead lawns, and inexperienced labor.

Hand in a well-formatted proposal

This act speaks volumes. It is a professional means of winning a city contract. If you hand in a well-tailored proposal, it makes a good impression on your client or a business owner.

Also, salesmanship is essential to winning a bid. You can school yourself on this through books, YouTube videos, and other resources.

Questions to be Answered While Bidding for a City Contract

City Contracts for Landscaping

Some questions to be answered while bidding for a city contract.

Question 1 – Can you upsell to make a profit?

If you have a good job costing tool, this question can be quickly answered. You could lose in fertilization packaging while you can make over 100% in mowing.

Most times, offering the lowest cost is the key to winning some contract, but you mustn’t give prices that aren’t worth it. Your job costing gives you the information labor needed and how much to charge for your business to profit.

Question 2- How many competitions do you have for the job?

Knowing your competition is essential. If you have over a hundred businesses clawing for the contract, it might take lots of effort. If the action isn’t worth it, then reconsider. For cases where you already have an existing relationship with the account, your chances can improve.

Question 3- How often does the account switch landscaping contractor?

There is always the possibility of losing accounts—no need to panic. You could still make a win with them. Be professional even when losing an account, appreciate them for using your business, and offer them a last counter offer. It could be a comeback for them.


In a bid to win city landscaping contracts, ensure you do not price your business out of profit. Do not be dependent on a single account. You can give some resident accounts as a safety net.



August 4th Cobourg Beach 8:30am Registration 10:30 Competition – 12 hours of fun!



Master Sculptors begin their work (Viewing all weekend)


Registration Opens

Amateur Competition (under the blue tent)


Sandsculpting Lessons


Competition begins

11am  – 5pm

Kid Zone Open

Inflatable Fun Park Opens*

Live DJ on Beach


Awards Presentation at DJ Booth


Movie on the Beach: Moana


Fireworks over the Pier


*$5 wristband applies. Available at registration tent.

Buy your wristband for only $5



Hamilton, Ontario

“In every pile of sand is a castle beckoning to come out.”

Sandi began sculpting in 1995 and has competed in British Columbia, Ontario, Florida and Texas. Sandi’s accomplishments include placing 1st in Sauble Beach Ontario in 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. Additions to her list of accomplishments include placing first in the amateur division in Fort Myers Beach, Florida and placing 2nd in the Texas State Championship in the same year. When Sandi is not on the beach, she has a passion to teach children the technique of sand building through her 90 minute “Sandi Castle Presentations”. The unique learning allows children to bring creativity and imagination to the studies of Medieval Times and/or rocks and minerals. We are pleased to welcome back Sandi to Cobourg.


New Haven, Michigan, USA

Sara Sunshine and Big Wave Dave are SunWave Sand Art.
They build Sand Castles, indoors, outdoors and even on Beaches.
Big Wave Dave learned how to build Sand Castles 19 years ago on South Padre Island TX from Amazin’ Walter.  Sara Sunshine his Step-Daughter started 15 years ago.  Together they have build on almost every beach in Michigan and Canada. Big Wave Dave along with the late Don “Dad Feet” Wierenga won the 2000 Sand Castle Days Texas State Championship with a nine foot tall sand castle.  Sara won quite a few events at the annual Sand Castle Days on South Padre Island during her High School years. Someone once asked Sara while she worked on a castle, “Why is Big Wave Dave giving the interview and you are back here working on the sand castle? ” Her reply, “He’s the personality, I’m the talent!”


Guelph, Ontario

Always having an interest in art, Nick began his career as a clay sculptor for public events. With the interest of attracting an audience and seeing the look of excitement in their eyes, Nick continued his dream of sculpting and took it to the next level. Nick entered his first sand sculpting contest in Sauble Beach, Ontario, in 1999 and won 1st place. Since this first win, Nick has continued to amaze his audience and clients.


Guelph, Ontario

A four- time World Champion and 4 time North American Champion of Sand Sculpting Karen has been working in the field for 18 years. She is the only woman to ever win the SOLO World Championships. She has participated in 92sand sculpting competitions all over the world and won many titles. Her work as a freelance sculptor includes many sculpting mediums including sand, snow, clay foam wood and fiberglass for movies, television, special events and art galleries.


Waterloo, Ontario

Finding her hidden talent during a visit to Sauble Beach, Ontario Tanya has continued to enter contests and takes every opportunity to practices on local Ontario beaches. As Tanya states “ I would love every opportunity to sculpt and make sand come alive”. Tanya is one of Cobourg’s favourite Master sculptors – and this year we welcome her back with an additional sculptor NICOLETTE KASTL


Burlington, Ontario

Bob is currently employed by the CAW and has been honing his sculpting skills since 1999. His work has been on display on such beaches as Port Colborne beach festival, Port Elgin, Cobourg and Beachway Park in Burlington along the infamour “Beach Strip”.


St-Hippolyte, Quebec

It is while vacationing in Les Iles de la Madeleine that Michel and Rachelle were attracted to sand castles. For 12 years it has become their hobby and passion. They learned the basic techniques with Michel Lepire (World Master) and discovered and developed their artistic side and won several amateur contests. This is the first time the team will participate in Cobourg and are very excited to work alongside Master sculptors but above all, sand sculpting is lots of fun.


Burlington, Ontario

Dale Andrews started sandsculpting in 2008 when his nieces asked him to join them in a local family sandcastle building competition. He was hooked. After a few years of competing with the family, Dale decided it was time to venture out on his own. Since that time, he has gradually made his way up the ranks, accumulating several awards along the way. In 2014 alone, Dale competed in Lake Worth, Florida (People’s Choice Award), Bluewater Sandfest (Port Huron, Michigan) Burlington, Ontario (1st Place), Sauble Beach, Ontario (3rd Place, Professional) and at the American Sandsculpting Championship in Fort Myers Beach (4th Place, People’s Choice Award). In 2015, Dale will continue to travel across North America competing and demonstrating his work at various festivals.