As we know, a journey is not improvised, unless you are an inveterate adventurer. Most often, it prepares weeks or even months in advance. To make the most of your holiday, we’ve put together a list of must-have apps that you must download before you take off.

An App To Learn The Local Language

Having a simple conversation, orienting yourself or empathizing with the locals can be difficult most of the time when you travel, so why not learn while having fun?

Among the range of applications currently available on the market, Babbel stands out, as it offers a very good value for money. Babbel is the app to learn a foreign language from your smartphone. It offers simple and effective lessons from a dozen languages to choose from.

Available on iOS, as well as on Android, this app allows for gradual learning, both verbally and in writing, provided you spend at least 15 minutes a day on it.

An App To Find Structures Around You

Have you ever found yourself in a new city or place without you knowing where to go to enjoy your day or just to fill your gas tank? Most of us have probably already experienced this unfortunate experience. With Aroundme, you can simply activate cellular data and search for services or shops as well as cultural centers within 10 km of your location. Simple and ergonomic, you can estimate the travel time and access the route by choosing the bike, car, or walking mode.

An App To Book Activities And Tickets

No more hassles about knowing what to do during your stay with Getyourguide! Simply enter the name of the city you are in and the app will find the best activities in the area in addition to making the reservation in your name. The application is simple and the content of each activity well detailed, with the ability to add an option if needed. Your ticket and supplier contacts are available on your mobile and you can access it at any time even offline. Free and very comprehensive, the app also displays customer reviews to give you an idea of the quality of each activity.

An App To Find Your Way Around

What could be more annoying than getting lost on a hike on an unmarked route, if the phone doesn’t pick up 4G, you risk spending a dirty quarter of an hour in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to, don’t get lost! Download the map of the desired location and create your route offline. No need for an internet date, it works thanks to the GPS of your smartphone. The app is free and offers in addition to the route of interests close to your location (hotels, gas stations, supermarkets, etc.).

Final Advice

Before embarking on your vacation, always make sure to have as much information as you can on places that you plan to visit. Do research on the internet, read travel blogs, and prepare the things that you need to bring.

As with anything, always have a contingency plan in case something happens along the way. Always be safe.

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