Hi there! We're Cobourg Tourism. We are travel enthusiasts who love exploring unique destinations, cultures and adventures.

How it all began

Our travel philosophy

We think the best holidays include a hint of adventure, that’s why we encourage our travellers to experience what each locality can give.

That’s why we here at Cobourg Tourism, always provides information and other helpful tips to make each trip worthwhile.

Remember, each trip is different from the other and rife with surprises. It can be a chocolate on the bedsheets or a spider in the toilet.

"What I love about going on a holiday is to get off the beaten track and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Whenever I visit a city, I try my best to mingle with the locals so as to experience the real place."
Gallia Lévesque
HR Manager
“Travelling allows me to freshen my mind and get new ideas. Being a designer, I always want to discover beautiful places and meet new people."
Bertrand Leclerc