How To Choose The Best Place On The Plane?

While for some, flying is only a formality, for others it is a difficult time to pass, either out of fear or for lack of comfort.

For example, I always avoid being in the middle aisle, having to disturb my neighbors every time I want to stretch my legs or go to the toilet.

But what is really the best place on the plane? And how to book it in advance without breaking the bank? I’ll explain all this in this article.

What Is The Best Place On The Plane?

Bad news: it’s a question I won’t be able to answer for you! In fact, it all depends on whether you are travelling alone, if you are tall, if you are travelling with a young child, if you are afraid… Every traveler is different and will find his happiness somewhere.

Do You Want To Travel Quietly?

I recommend a window side seat, where you won’t be constantly disturbed by your neighbors who want to go to the toilet. Personally, it’s a place I love because you can put a small pillow against the wall of the plane and sleep peacefully. On the other hand, the negative is that if you are travelling alone, you will have to disturb your neighbour each time to get up.

Some places are to be avoided in your case: those located near the toilet. The back-and-forth of the passengers can really become unbearable in the long run, and I’m not talking about the smells…

Want To Avoid The Noise Of The Plane?

Choose a seat as far ahead of the device as possible. In an airplane, it’s the engines that are noisy, and since they’re located rather backwards, you should be pretty quiet.

Travelling With A Baby Or Children?

For babies, airlines offer a cradle attached to the partitions. It’s very convenient but reserved for babies under 70 cm and 10 kilos, so up to about 6-9 months. And for parents, it’s really comfortable since these are the most spacious seats on the plane. If you have children a little older, I also recommend these places because they will have room to play at your feet.

Do You Want Room?

If you’re tall, the lack of comfort can really ruin your flight ride. The knees that rub, the back pain by bending… It can quickly become a nightmare. For you, the family places I was talking about just above are ideal. But they are often stormed by families. So in folding solution, I recommend a place on the corridor side, perfect to extend your legs when there is no passage. The seats next to the exits are also more spacious but unfortunately they often pay off.

Are You Afraid Of Flying?

If you are part of the aircraft phobic clan, you have two solutions: either you choose seats at the back of the aircraft where it has been proven that passengers are more likely to survive a crash, or you choose the front of the aircraft where you feel a little less turbulence. Honestly, there is no perfect solution for you other than trying to relax as much as possible (in this case, prefer the seats at the front because the turbulence can be anxiety-inducing).

Places To Avoid On The Plane

While these places are generally the most popular for travellers, some are to be avoided. I was talking a little higher about the seats near the toilets which can be particularly unpleasant on long haul, but the seats in the middle of the central row are not really nicer, first because you will be surrounded by strangers (unless you are travelling together), and secondly because they are the less spacious seats on the plane.

My Tips For Choosing The Best Seat On The Plane?

The first thing I recommend is to buy your plane ticket in advance (see my article on the best tips). If you are travelling low-cost, airlines will offer to choose your seat for an average of 15 to 30 euros. It’s up to you if you want to pay for it anymore.

If you are travelling via traditional airlines such as AirFrance, you will have the option to choose your seat in advance. Some, especially outings and family places, cannot be booked free of charge.

If you have not managed to book the seat of your choice when you purchase your ticket, you can always try your luck at the airport. At check-in or directly to the hostess, don’t be afraid to ask if there are other places available than the one assigned to you. You can even apply for an over-ranking, it’s already worked for me!

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