Do you own a landscaping business and you are looking to get city contracts? Look no further. We have got you covered. Securing a contract in landscaping is a big deal as it means big money for your business. Winning such contracts comes with too much work to lose at the end of the day.

Getting a city contract differs from state to state. For cities like Honolulu, landscaping city contracts can be obtained from the city’s commercial district. The procedure may be unique to the state. You can check out the requirements for getting a landscaping Honolulu gig.

Owning a landscaping business is an excellent way of making good money. One of the most accessible means of making big-time money is getting a city landscaping contract. Securing a landscape contract comes intending to win at the end of the day. That is making a profit for your landscaping business.

How to Get a City Landscaping Contract?

So, how do you get a city landscaping contract? Check out these steps.

Set-up a meeting with contract decision-makers

All you have to do is get your business out there, network your business to secure that city contract. You will have to approach people to do so. You can write out an email or letter to these places you want these contracts. You can also send to HOAs, Real Estate groups, or business owners.

Another way of getting your business in their face is by networking at local events, or you could set up a meeting with your BOMAs. You can also try your city’s commercial district, chamber of commerce meetings, or CEO’s forum.

You could try it out the old hard way. Drive within your city once you find a property that needs fixing and introduce yourself. It can be a great way to win contracts if you have good in-person sales skills.

Be Professional

People love to work with professional clients if you can handle a city contract. Most businesses work with the corporate world. Your looks matter a lot for you to be able to win some contracts.

You should be able to sell yourself and business as one that can handle such big contracts. When most landscape businesses submit bids, the goal is to differentiate themselves, focus on the bottom line, and offer better service.

Some questions to assist you in addressing your business professionalism; Do you have a professional website? Do you have trucks painted or wrapped with your business name? Can your equipment do the job required on time?

Present the value you bring to their property

Show them the essence of having a well-done landscape. It is most likely to ignite the right amount of interest within them. Ensure tour work with your clients, brainstorm together on the landscape designs.

Ask for their perception about landscaping, listen to all they have to say. It will determine how you move forward. Get to know their expectations and challenges. This knowledge will help you get to know them better.

Speak with them concerning the disadvantages of lousy landscaping, such as poor job, dead lawns, and inexperienced labor.

Hand in a well-formatted proposal

This act speaks volumes. It is a professional means of winning a city contract. If you hand in a well-tailored proposal, it makes a good impression on your client or a business owner.

Also, salesmanship is essential to winning a bid. You can school yourself on this through books, YouTube videos, and other resources.

Questions to be Answered While Bidding for a City Contract

City Contracts for Landscaping

Some questions to be answered while bidding for a city contract.

Question 1 – Can you upsell to make a profit?

If you have a good job costing tool, this question can be quickly answered. You could lose in fertilization packaging while you can make over 100% in mowing.

Most times, offering the lowest cost is the key to winning some contract, but you mustn’t give prices that aren’t worth it. Your job costing gives you the information labor needed and how much to charge for your business to profit.

Question 2- How many competitions do you have for the job?

Knowing your competition is essential. If you have over a hundred businesses clawing for the contract, it might take lots of effort. If the action isn’t worth it, then reconsider. For cases where you already have an existing relationship with the account, your chances can improve.

Question 3- How often does the account switch landscaping contractor?

There is always the possibility of losing accounts—no need to panic. You could still make a win with them. Be professional even when losing an account, appreciate them for using your business, and offer them a last counter offer. It could be a comeback for them.


In a bid to win city landscaping contracts, ensure you do not price your business out of profit. Do not be dependent on a single account. You can give some resident accounts as a safety net.

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