Posted on Things To Do in Cobourg

Cobourg has an excellent marina that is always full of boats and fun activities. Whether you own your own boat or not, there is plenty to do while staying at the marina. There are restaurants, bars, and shops, which are all located within a walking distance from the marina.

So, you can grab something to eat or drink and enjoy it on the water. If you are looking for some excitement, boat tours will give you a spectacular view of the lake.Cobourg’s downtown area is packed with great shops and restaurants, allowing you can take a stroll through the town or have lunch at one of its many cafes.

The Cobourg Marina is a great place for families to spend time during the summer months. Whether you want to relax, go for a swim, have some fun at the splash pad or relax under the stars, there’s something for everyone in Cobourg Marina.

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