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If you’re looking for a delicious Asian meal in Cobourg, Ontario, you can’t go wrong with The Golden Chopsticks restaurant. The restaurant’s decor reflects its name, with golden dragons adorning the ceiling, lighting fixtures, chairs, and even the dining room walls.

This authentic Chinese setting makes it feel like you’ve been transported to Asia itself. Other than the eye-catching décor, this restaurant is known for its delicious meals.

It offers tasty appetizers like fried wontons, chow mein and egg rolls served with your choice of sweet and sour sauce or a hot and spicy chilli sauce. Additionally, the restaurant has all of your favourite noodle dishes, including Beef Chow Fun and Singapore Noodles.

You will be amazed at how busy this place is, yet they somehow manage to get your food out to you quickly because their service is outstanding. If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food at affordable prices in Cobourg, then you should definitely give the Golden Chopsticks a try.

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