How do I go on a trip so often and for a long time without spending too much money?

It is true that I often go for long periods of time, which helps to better depreciate the costs of transport and air tickets. But if not, here are some tips to find a cheap stay. Make good use of it!

Travelling Out Of Season

This is the number one rule to reduce the cost of going on a trip. Whether it’s for airfare, accommodation or all-inclusive stays, prices are always based on supply and demand. So if you still want to go in the summer, try to focus on June to mid-July or September. In general, October and November are the best months to get good rates.

Peeling Off Offers On The Internet

This is the part a little tedious, and that takes time: review all the travel offers on the internet. To save time, there is a site that does this for you: it is the Holiday Official. A team of experts reviews the offers on travel sites like Last Minute, Marmara, Cheap Leave, Holiday Deal… and thus selects the best deals and cheap stays for you.

Travelling To Affordable Countries

This is the easiest way to avoid ruining yourself and enjoy your trip. To find a cheap stay, avoid Scandinavia, Canada, Japan or South Africa, and choose Thailand, India, Greece or Bolivia. On Instinct Voyageur’s blog, you’ll find a list of the cheapest countries to travel to. Among the really affordable countries where I have recently travelled, I can advise you Russia, Albania or even Belarus.

Be Flexible On Travel Dates

Airfares are always cheaper in midweek than on weekends. To go on a cheap trip, it is therefore better to be flexible on the departure and return dates. Search engines like Skyscanner allow you to search for prices all month long and find the cheapest dates. Momondo is also well made to compare prices over selected periods. For week-long stays, offers from Sunday to Sunday or Wednesday to Wednesday are usually at better rates.

Plan Well In Advance Or At The Last Minute

These are the two niches where it is easiest to find a promotional trip: either long in advance or at the last minute. You have to look on the hotel booking platforms that sell cheap rooms that have not found a buyer at the last minute. Another way to save on accommodation is to use couchsurfing, a free accommodation site for the locals. But it’s a social network where it takes time to create a good profile and you have to want to spend time with your guests and thank them by cooking a meal or inviting them to have a drink.

Be Ready To Discover Original Destinations

To find a cheap stay, it is better to be open to the destination and prefer countries or cities that attract less crowds. For example, rather than major European cities or capitals such as London, Rome or Amsterdam, prefer less touristy but equally interesting cities to visit such as Manchester in England, Naples in Italy or Charleroi in Belgium.

Daring To Go To “At-risk” Countries

Far be it from me to recommend going to countries at war or very unstable like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. But the dramatic news of the last few months and years has kept travellers away from certain destinations such as Tunisia, Egypt or Turkey. I can understand the apprehension that limits the desire to go to these countries, but after all, statistically the risk remains low “to be in the wrong place at the wrong time”, and it can also very well happen in Paris, Nice or anywhere. In addition, continuing to travel despite terrorist threats helps to support the tourism sector of these countries or cities, which finds itself greatly penalized after these events.

I hope you’ve been helpful with this information. If you have other tips for finding a cheap stay to go on a trip, feel free to suggest it in comment.

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